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On Listening to Django Rienhardt

Musical Journey Flowing from Listening to Django Reinhardt’s Minor Swing One frigid and dreary Vancouver Island February afternoon, I decided Django Reinhardt’s gypsy jazz would be the antidote to my chilled sense of displacement. Django had developed a fingering style to suit his injured fretting hand, mangled in an accidental fire that left him able […]

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Comment on a feminist documentary

As Annette Kuhn states in her book Women’s Pictures, Feminism and Cinema, “The central characters of socialist realist texts frequently embody heroic traits, a quality which has its origins in the influence of revolutionary romanticism on socialist realism. Art offers a vision of the future which is optimistic, but also aims to be grounded rather than utopian.”

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Frost’s Mending Wall

I suggest the wide appeal of Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall” is, in the main, attributable to the different meanings carried by WALL as a metaphor. The Wall in the speaker’s story is a real physical wall, but I believe the theme of the poem is about WALL as a metaphor for something more abstract and ‘larger’ than a physical wall.

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